the universal language of music like no other on an electric six-string. He has reintroduced thousands of fans around the globe to the power of the inspired, creative guitar solo via the internet. His
original compositions include the influences of music greats like Hendrix, Coltrane, Vai and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Fiery and emotional, Guitarboy tears at your soul while his dazzling technique sends you on a musical thrill ride.

as an internet cult legend, currently topping charts at and has a total of 20 #1 Hits on internet sites worldwide.
Listeners have plenty of praise and accolades for the virtuoso player. Several of his songs have proven to be appealing for use in traditional media, as the theme for a Chicago-area television program and as music for the upcoming movie "10mph" and is listed on as one of the Top 50 Hottest Independent Artists.  

live local performances in and around his home base of Huntington Beach, CA,  and also appears as a national act in jazz and blues festivals in California and throughout the United States. With members Steve Elce on Bass, Joe Snyder on drums, both incredible players, and Wendy Haley's soulful vocals, the Guitarboy Band will take you on an unparalleled musical experience.

The summer of 2005 saw the Guitarboy Band hit the road in support of the release of the Disruptive Behavior CD. The band headlined the main stage at Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Festival along with Blues Legend Buddy Guy and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.
with the release of the Disruptive Behavior CD, bringing his brand of blues rock to the next level. He displays a mastery that blends the blues, jazz and that unmistakable Hendrix sound for a hot new take on rock guitar leads. His bluesy guitar riffs burn over funky, blues, rock and jazzy grooves.

The album features ten original tracks all well-suited for electric blues and rock format stations or programs. Also included is an outstanding instrumental version of Eric Clapton's "
Layla" is bound to become a radio favorite.

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